Thursday, 18 January 2018

SEO expert hiring for increasing your brand value

If the search engine like google, bong and yahoo doesn't show up your website at first page then the main problem is that your audience doesn't know that you or your website exist. There is need of good search engine visibility that increase the the chance of getting large number of visitors to your website. A better SEO helps to increase your brand value and profits. So for better visibility at any search engine it is critical to hire a good SEO expert.

Here are some questions that are to be asked while hiring a SEO expert:-

1. Ask for the current and past list of client and take a look at their brand value.
2. How can he help to improve to rank of website?
3. Can you guarantee to rank my website to be on top with google search engine?
4. Ask whether he has any experience to improve local search result.
5. Ask whether he will share all the changes made by him on your website.
6. Ask about his payment terms and fees.

Tips for ranking website in 2018:-

1. Most of the website displayed on page one are https. It ensure secure connection with the server. To add S to HTTP you need to acquire SSL certificate. 
2. More of the people have started to use search with voice commands. Most of the young people and multitasking persons love to use the voice command feature to search anything on internet.
3. More focus is need to be given to mobile. It is the ignored more often but a big one. Mobile users don't use it for instagram or facebook only , they also use it to google their query on the go.
4. Much more focus is needed to be put on searcher client. 

Top methods to outrank your competitor:-

1. Driving a harder and good Content campaign. Content is the fuel of search engine optimization campaign. Your content is required to be original, high quality and unique. 
2. Link building is essential for outrank your competitor. It can be done by publishing content on blogs and by guest posting.
3. Using social media for attracting more of the links. Quality is much more important but quantity is also essential. Social media helps to spread your content to much more further.
4. Targeting alternate niche words. like if your competitor is using battery than you can use lead battery or acid battery.
5. If you are competing on local level then better hire a local SEO expert (know more) who have all the research and narrow your focus on local level.

Why a SEO expert:-

SEO experts helps you to optimize your website to rank it on top with search engines like google, yahoo and bing. 
1. If you want to do your own SEO then it is very tedious process. Hiring a SEO expert saves your time.
2. A SEO expert deliver you the cost effective operations. SEO needs to be consistent and continuous process to be cost effective.
3. Analyze the result. If there is drop in the number of visitors then an expert helps to diagnose the problem and helps to fix it. 
4. Expert have all the knowledge and expertise required for search engine optimization.